Personal Protection Consultation

At the urging of many of his clients, Dr. Shyers has added Personal Protection Consulting to his practice. 

Dr. Shyers recognizes that victims of violence often feel terror, lack of control, and severe vulnerability. Such feelings threaten their security to the point that life almost becomes unbearable. Therapy obviously helps a victim learn how to stop being a victim and understand how real and reasonable their feelings are. 

Many survivors of violence believe that if they only purchase a firearm or some other form of physical protection they will regain control of their environment and feel less vulnerable. The problem with this approach is that many people are not fully aware and are poorly equipped to respond adequately in a life-threatening situation. The most common statement made by some of Dr. Shyers' clients is "I would never shoot to kill someone, I just want to be able to scare them away!" Unfortunately, this logic is a good reason to not own a firearm for personal protection. 

Dr. Shyers has over 50 years of experience in the use of firearms as a sport shooter. He has professional training in the use of firearms for personal defense and is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. As a Personal Protection Consultant, Dr. Shyers will help clients determine if owning a firearm is appropriate and if so, what firearm would be best for them. With this information in hand, Dr. Shyers is qualified to provide individual or small group instruction in the safe use of firearms for both personal defense and recreation. For clients who decide a firearm would not be right for them, Dr. Shyers will direct them to the form of personal protection that would be best.

Dr. Shyers is certified to provide the Refuse to Be a Victim  workshop for small groups and community agencies. This workshop makes use of "smart thinking" to avoid potential dangerous situations. For a full description of this program, give him a call. 

Personal Protection Consultation is an individual or small group process and is NOT intended to become a substitute for certified law enforcement. Each client must apply and be individually interviewed by Dr. Shyers prior to being accepted for this service.

For information regarding this new service, please email Dr. Shyers at [email protected]

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